First Denture Clinic on Sunshine Coast to take Digital Impressions

Digital Impression Oral Scanner

Say Goodbye To Messy, Uncomfortable Impressions For Your Dentures…

The All Smiles Denture Clinic team are currently down in Sydney at the Digital Dentistry & Dental Technology 2019 Conference.

We are very excited to be able to offer to our dental patients the latest technology and the very best way to take an impression (or mould of your mouth).

The very first step in making your dentures requires an impression or mould of your mouth and teeth. We will be able to offer this as a digital scan.

No need for messy or uncomfortable impressions that make you feel sick. The digital intraoral scan is a quick and painless digital way to take your impressions!

We make the best dentures we can with the latest technology! Call our Sunshine Coast Denture Clinic and talk to the team!