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Imagine a situation where a patient needs $3000 of treatment.

They pay $600 up front (20% of the total cost) and then also set up a payment plan. This enables them to pay the remaining $2400 over an agreed time.

An example plan could involve them paying $200 a month over a period of 12 months via direct debit.

Who is eligible for Direct Debit Payment Plan?

To be eligible for a DentiCare Payment plan you must be over 18, employed, not currently bankrupt and an Australian citizen. There are no complicated credit checks or approvals with a DentiCare payment plan, so you can get setup and start treatment the same day!

Your Interest Free Easy Direct Debit Payment Plan

Denticare will provide you with a simple interest free direct debit payment plan for your denture treatment. A Denticare Payment Plan is a convenient way for you to budget and pay for your treatment over time. 

Denticare manages your direct debit payment plan on our behalf, so that our Dental Prosthetists can focus on giving you the best possible dental care. 

  • Denticare is a simple, interest free direct debit payment plan.

  • No credit check or complicated finance contracts.

  • DentiCare provides a payment plan solution that is specifically designed for Dental practices.

  • Denticare has over 13 years’ experience providing and managing payment plans for Dental Practices across Australia.

  • Denticare work with more than 2,000 doctors in over 1,200 practices providing payment plans to thousands of patients each month to help them reach their oral health goals.