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How to Take Care of your Dentures

This is one of our most common questions by our patients, Darius explains his recommendation:

How do I take care of my dentures?

You will need to brush your dentures daily, just like teeth, to ensure food and plaque is removed and to reduce the chance of stains. You can use a brush with soft bristles and soap or mild dishwashing liquid, toothpaste is too harsh and should be avoided.

When you remove your dentures, store them in soaking solution or water.

If you have any questions about full dentures, partial dentures, chrome dentures or any type of dentures, feel free to ring and speak with Darius at All Smiles Denture Clinic, at Buderim on 5476 8833 or Bribie Island 3410 0881. 


Are My Dentures Made In Australia?

At All Smiles Denture Clinic, we make every single denture here in Australia.  


All Smiles Denture Clinic is an Australian Owned company that employs local Australians. We do not ever send work overseas to be made in China or any other country. Your dentures couldn't be more Australian. 

All our dentures are made at our own in house laboratory, Jade Dental Laboratory, by our local dental technicians. Our laboratory is situated at 95 King Street, Buderim on the beautiful Sunshine Coast.