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What To Expect When We Make Your New Dentures

At All Smiles Denture Clinic, our patients usually need at least four appointments spaced roughly a week apart from each other. 

Appointment 1

You will have a consultation we will determine the type of denture required for your mouth. We can provide you with a quote and take impressions.

Appointment 2

This is where we take the second impressions with a custom tray and check your bite register.

Appointment 3

We let you put the "Try in" denture in your mouth. The denture is made from wax and allows you to feel and see what it will be like.

Appointment 4

At your final appointment your dentures will be issued to you and we explain the care and maintenance of your new dentures.

Any minor adjustments can be done in the following weeks and this is all included in your final denture price - there are no further charges for minor adjustments. All you need to do is ring and book an appointment with Jules or Bec and they will slot you right in! 

So what are you waiting for? All Smiles Denture Clinic at Buderim and Bribie Island are ready for you! Call us on 5476 8833 or click below to send us a message !

Looking for something different in your denture?

We get many requests from patients who want to customise their dentures. Whether it be making the teeth look more natural by individually tinting and colouring each denture or having a one on one with our technicians to set the teeth exactly how you want them. So if you want that tooth 'bling' and individuality, come in and see Darius or Tom at All Smiles Dentures Clinic today!

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Dental Prosthetist in Buderim, Sunshine Coast

Are you looking for a Dental Prosthetist on the Sunshine Coast?

All Smiles Denture Clinic is located in the middle of beautiful Buderim.  Darius makes excellent high quality and natural looking dentures. He is second generation Dental Prosthetist - His dad, and his two brothers are also Dental Prosthetists…. they love it! :) 

lease call to make an appointment with Darius to discuss your denture needs - 5476 8833. He can talk to you about new dentures, partial dentures, chrome dentures or relining your existing dentures. 

Denture Care on the Sunshine Coast
Ultra Sonic Denture Cleaner

Ultra Sonic Denture Cleaner

How do I take care of my dentures?

You will need to brush your dentures daily, just like teeth, to ensure food and plaque is removed and to reduce the chance of stains. You can use a brush with soft bristles and soap or mild dishwashing liquid, toothpaste is too harsh and should be avoided.

When you remove your dentures, store them in soaking solution or water.

We sell denture brushes - just see Pauline at Reception. We also sell mini ultra sonic denture cleaners. 

Darius Northey at All Smiles Denture Clinic is the man to see for the best fitting dentures on the Sunshine Coast. Conveniently located at Buderim, with off easy street parking.

Please contact us on 07 5476 8833 for a free consultation on what type of denture you might need.